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we post travel information about the regions we personally  have visited. You can find useful information by country and regions how to travel in alternatively ways out of the bitten tracks,  how to obtain for more complicated visas, information about rarely visited unique places and towns. As well you can find some tips and tricks for surviving in more extreme situations and areas.

We will be happy If you can help us to update this section or add some new information. Feel free to write to us:


India and Middle East


Indian Himalayas hitchhiking travel information – Manali – Leh – 7 useful tips (Hitchhiking on the top of the world)

Ladakh Travel And Trekking Information – 6 places to visit and tips how to hitchhike

Crossing the Indian-Myanmar border – 5 very useful tips and advices for visa

North Indian States Travel Information – what to see, where to go and how to travel on a budget


Travel information for hitchhiking in Pakistan – overall impressions and 3 top advises

Travel information for hitchhiking in Hunza Valley, Pakistan – 5 best ways to travel in Pakistan

Travel information and 5 best hitchhiking tips for Balochistan, Pakistan

South East Asia


Singapore for 0 USD – 11 very useful tips and advices of how to travel on a very low budget


Pacific countries Melanesia and Micronesia

Papa New Guinea

Tips And Tricks for traveling and hitchhiking in Papua New Guinea – 3 advises on how to issue a visa



2 thoughts on “Travel Info

  1. Hello!
    Im about to travel to Papua New Guinea for around one month, I’m polish, I also hitchhike around the world and sleep in a tent only. I’m traveling together with my partner and I wanted to ask you which places you recommend in PNG for one month. How hitchhiking works in that country, and did you find this country unsafe?
    Thank you for information

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