Singapore for 0 $


Is it possible to visit Singapore for 3-4 days and not spend money? Here are our secret advises of how to do it:

  • Entering:

From the border Malaysian town Johor Bahru there are two options:

  • Bus number 170 from JB central (the central bus station). It stops at the migration office and then after they stamp your passport you can continue with the same ticket to the central part of Singapore (around 20 km). The price is 2,50 ringgits (0,50 eurocents)
  • There are other express buses but they are more expensive
  • Most of the buses number 170 get only to the closest subway station, the ones that travel to Queen street (the center) are more seldom
  • Second option: pass the bridge on foot (it is about 1 km long) and try to hitchhike (Attention: you will be doing it inside the city!)25. Our camp
  • Accommodation:

There is a free camp site at East Cost Park (the camp site is in zone D, it is not allowed to pitch your tent in other parts of the park). There is free toilet and bathroom available at the camp site. There are three more other free camp sites in different parks around the city.


  • Transportation:
  • You can go anywhere on foot 🙂 The park stretches to the central park of Singapore – from zone D to Marina Bay are 8-9 km (2 hours walking) on pedestrian alleys with trees and shadows.
  • Bus number 197. The stop is 3 minutes walking distance from the park, zone D. You pass on a pedestrian over-bridge and then you walk alongside the canal to Marine Parade Street where the bus stop is. The price is 2 Singapore dollars to the City Hall (the central part)2. Sri Mariamman hindu temple
  • Food:

Buy all the food you will need from Malaysia. The prices in Singapore are ten-fold. You can cook on fire at the barbecue area inside the camp site. If you have to buy food the cheapest supermarkets are inside the Indian neighborhood called Little India. There is a grocery store at one corner.


  • Getting out: Bus number 170 from the bus-station at Queen Street to Johor Bahu. The price in Singapore is higher than those in Malaysia – 2,5 dollars (around 1,50 euro)
  • Visa: Most of the European countries are allowed 90 days stay without visa.
  • 3-4 days are more than enough to visit the main landmarks: Marina Bay, China Town, Colonial District (area between river Singapore and Bugis), Little India, Arab street and Sultan mosque