Magic Kervan Motion Pictures produces various reality documentaries about Earth – the Earth we love and are born and raised on. We show her to you unobscured, natural, divine, as we see her in our journeys.

We are a group of wanderers. We visit a place, touch it, connect with it, caress it and leave without a trace. In our movies we never have a crew, a plan or an idea what the movie will be about.

Earth is our home – we should love her and care about her.

Here you can download our movies for free:

“Into the jungle”: the documentary was shot in Taman Negara National Parks in Malaysia. It tells about the 8-day trek into the equatorial jungle and the climbing of Gunung Tahan Peak. On this expedition Magic Kervan depends only on itslelf without guides or even GPS. Duration: 13 min.

Download “Into the junlge” from this link Arrow


“Batek a prehistoric harmony”: a very short documentary about the Batek Tribe who lives into Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia. The movie shows how they live and what challenges they encounter. Duration: 4 min.

Download “Batek – a prehistoric harmony” from this link Arrow


“Malacca – sultans, colonizers and colorful cultures”: A documentary about the history of Malacca and the most interesting landmarks in the old town of Malacca, Malaysia. Duration: 10 min.

Download “Malacca – sultans, colonizers and colorful cultures” from this link Arrow


Trailers & Promos:

Trailer of the new documentary “Glimpses from Borneo”:

The promo video of our first movie “Into the Jungle”:

The trailer: