Magic Kervan Motion Pictures produces various reality documentaries about Earth – the Earth we love and are born and raised on. We show her to you unobscured, natural, divine, as we see her in our journeys.

We are a group of wanderers. We visit a place, touch it, connect with it, caress it and leave without a trace. In our movies we never have a crew, a plan or an idea what the movie will be about.

Earth is our home – we should love her and care about her


“In the lands of Baduy: The keepers of the world”: Documentary about the tribal ethnic group in Indonesia Baduy. Learn how they live close to nature without electricity and many of the “perks” of civilization. See moments of their everyday life, how they build their houses and how they prepare for a wedding. Duration: 17 min.


“Malacca – sultans, colonizers and colorful cultures”: A documentary about the history of Malacca and the most interesting landmarks in the old town of Malacca, Malaysia. Duration: 10 min.


“Into the jungle”: the documentary was shot in Taman Negara National Parks in Malaysia. It tells about the 8-day trek into the equatorial jungle and the climbing of Gunung Tahan Peak. On this expedition Magic Kervan depends only on itslelf without guides or even GPS. Duration: 13 min.


“Batek a prehistoric harmony”: a very short documentary about the Batek Tribe who lives into Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia. The movie shows how they live and what challenges they encounter. Duration: 4 min.


Trailers & Promos:

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