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Magic Kervan is on its way!

We are in Botswana, on the Great African Journey Part II. Our second trip to the long long calling continent Africa Mama started on 26.02.2021.

Dear Friend, if you wish, you can support the spirit of the adventurer, the explorer, the dreamer and the poet who lives in each of us.

The current expedition was born spontaneously, as a continuation of the first African trip – “From the Promised Land to the Roots of Humankind, from Israel to Cape Town”, interrupted suddenly due to the Corona virus pandemic.

So far we have passed trough Tanzania (3 months), Zambia (3 weeks), Namibia (40 days), Botswana (at the moment).

We have the opportunity to come back to Europe entirely overland, which is our favorite way of traveling, and to visit a few more countries along the way, if the situation allows.

The difficulties we encounter are the many borders we have to cross, many visas and PCR tests that we had not planned in our travel budget.

Any of your help would help us to complete the expedition and that will be a direct contribution to generate new, unknown adventures and to capture the natural and cultural phenomena on the way, as well as their publication in our website.


Magic Kervan travels on an extremely low budget. We hitchhike and sleep in a tent. The journey is a myriad of magical moments, encounters with incredible people and events that are food for our senses so it naturally decreases our desire for unnecessary consumption of things. 

Behind all the adventures described in the blog and the photos they are tons of work and long hard days in extremely difficult conditions.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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If you need any advise on how to travel on a very low budget please feel free to write us or leave a comment.

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