Our trip

The current journey started on 04 April 2015 and continues until now 2018.

The starting point was our home town – Sofia, Bulgaria. From there we hitchhiked tens of thousands of kilometers throughout the Asian continent and Oceania and sailed thousands of nautical miles through Pacific ocean.


We passed through Turkey (transit for 2-3 days), Iran (two weeks), Pakistan (45 days), India (6 months, two months of which we trekked 700 km kilometers in the Indian Himalayas), Myanmar (28 days), Thailand (2 months), Malaysia (3 months including Malaysian Borneo), Singapore (5 days), Brunei Darussalam (5 days), Indonesia ( 6 months traveling all the way from Sumatra to Papua), Papua New Guinea (2 months), Solomon islands (2 months), Fiji (4 months), Vanuatu (2 months), Federated States of Micronesia (1 month), Japan (1 month), South Korea (currently Jan 2018)

All the distances were covered without flying (except the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysian Borneo and back), only overland and oversea, mainly hitchhiking (except 2-3 train experiences in India and Pakistan).

2018-12-28 21.10.28Map of the whole journey


Interactive MAP of our journey – click the map below


We travel on an extremely low budget spending money only for food, visas and rarely for some necessary articles like equipment or clothing.

We don’t pay for accommodation or  transport (except in extreme circumstances).

If you need advises how to travel without money or on a very low budget please feel free to write us or leave a comment.

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