About us


                                  Mr. Shushtari                                                                                                        Magy

MagicKervan is traveling the around world for 3 years and 8 months by all kinds of transportation but… mainly hitchhiking. In this journey two people are participating: Magy and Mr. Shushtari – but we never know who may join us. MagicKervan uses just a compass and a map and generates all the time improbable events and adventures. Asia and Oceania with there amazing people and nature are our favorite continents.

After many journeys the idea of a bigger journey on land and water from Europe to Papua New Guinea and South Korea spontaneously came up. The time for traveling is unlimited and the winding roads often lead us to unknown and interesting places.

Our mission? To gain an intimate knowledge with Earth and her people – the more we discover the more amazed we are.


Here is a quote that we think sums it up: “I just realized that  in Pakistan we did everything we were advised not to do – we crossed Balochistan, we hitchhiked in Khyber–Patunkwa region in Kohistan, we pitched our tent wherever we liked and we even became pastors at a Christian church for an hour…”


Magic Kervan in the media:

Our publication in Backpackers Magazine – page 10 – click here

Publication of the article about our travel in Pakistan – click here (on page 31)

Tips how to pack as a hitchhiker in MightyGoods – click here


We will be happy to hear from you: magickervan@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Nice one guys!
    I have a question regarding crossing Myanmar from India. It seems I will to enter and exit Myanmar in the same border. My idea was to cross into Thailand. How was it for you ? It would be great if you guys could share you experience.


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