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Mr. Shushtary    and     Magy


Mr. Shushtary



Magic Kervan

travels around the world over land and over seas, in a variety of ways and with a variety of vehicles, but always hitchhiking. We use only a map and a compass to generate improbable events and adventures. The period of the travelings is unlimited and the road is always winding in unfamiliar and unplanned places. Our homes are the mountains, deserts, jungles and seas, medieval cities, beaches, rocks and steppes. Every day the adventure of life takes us to new places be it in our tent or under someone’s welcoming roof.

The journey

Our new trip started on 21.11.2019. Direction: the continent of Africa Mama that has been calling us for long time. The new adventure named  “From the Promised Land to the Roots of the Human race” starts from Israel and Palestine, which we reached by plane, due to the complicated  situation in Syria. Then we continued our way, as usually hitchhiking and staying in our tent. We crossed Jordan and Egypt, traversing  the geographical border between Asia and the Africa going under the Suez Canal.

These are the countries that we are planning to visit: Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique and maybe South Africa.
On this trip our best friend and the third member of Magic Kervan – George a.k.a Vietnama Jones is with us (Magy and Mr. Shushtary)

You can support our African trip HERE

Our Previous Journey

started on April 2015 and lasted uninterruptedly until for three years, eight months and five days. We traveled over 100,000 km overland and overseas, traversing the Silk Road to the Far East, the Spice Route through Southeast Asia to the Indonesian Archipelago, visiting Papua New Guinea and the island states of Melanesia and reaching Fiji. After almost 6 months of sailing on the yacht Alabama we crossed the Pacific Ocean, passing through Vanuatu, Micronesia and Japan, reaching South Korea. After a short stay in Taiwan and Vietnam, we set off on one of the theoretical paths of the Proto-Bulgarians from the far eastern lands of China and Mongolia through the Central Asian countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the Caucasian countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia to our native Bulgaria.


The previous journey

Our mission

 To gain an intimate knowledge of Earth and her people – the more we discover the more amazed we are.

Magic Kervan in the media

Our publication in Backpackers Magazine – page 10 – click here

Publication of the article about our travel in Pakistan – click here (on page 31)

Tips how to pack as a hitchhiker in MightyGoods – click here


We will be happy to hear from you: magickervan@gmail.com

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Principles of the Magic Caravan

Life is the most miraculous and precious gift to humans.

Infinitely beautiful and marvelous, we have to live it with eyes wide open and filled with joy by the sheer fact that we are alive.

Life should not be perceived as:

An annoying struggle to meet the existential, physiological needs of humans – food, clothing, shelter, etc.

A struggle to try to satisfy the constantly emerging new and new desires.

A string of circumstances predetermined by fate which cannot be changed in any way.

Mechanical and unconscious series of habits, duties and behaviors determined by the that enslave us.

Life is magic. We believe that every human being is of divine nature, and through their thoughts, will, awareness and internal power, people can completely control the fate and the reality around them.

Traveling is one of the best ways to experience the vast diversity of the world, to be flooded and filled with its beauty and to meet the various manifestations of the beauty of the human nature – be it ethnic, cultural or religious. Traveling is like a never-ending fountain overflowing with colorful paintings, emotions and unexpected events.

For the people. This journey is posible  not only because of us, but because of something in which the modern world is gradually losing faith – Human goodness. Countless people of different faiths and cultures, through all the countries and places we pass through, help us in every possible ways and make this journey possible. No matter their appearance, clothing, customs or lifestyle, there is something that all human beings have in common – their heart!

Without all those people who helped us along the way, not only would we not be able to travel, but it might not even make sense to live on earth.

Thank you very much!

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Nice one guys!
    I have a question regarding crossing Myanmar from India. It seems I will to enter and exit Myanmar in the same border. My idea was to cross into Thailand. How was it for you ? It would be great if you guys could share you experience.


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