Going back to the north hemisphere with a bottle of rum (a ship dairy)



… A retrospection of the previous post (08.10) as seen by Mr. Shushtari

Day 0 –  08.10.2017 (Sunday)

Today is time to leave the amazing Vanuatu. All living in the mission are dressed formally and the girls have beautiful flowers in their hair. It is Sunday, time to go to church, so no one is working, people visit each other and walk around the town. We on the other side are quite busy with laundering, packing and helping Father Berry to dismount his chainsaw.

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5 of the best caravan spots for an Australian holiday


It is amazing to be exploring the world using different forms of transport – from hitchhiking to yachts – but it’s also interesting to try out different forms of accommodation too. From hotels and hostels to cabins and huts, where you lay your head at night is pretty important and can make a real difference to the feel of your trip. That being said, a caravan park is an option that’s often a crowd-pleaser, whether you’re a family or traveling solo, as you have freedom, combined with some amenities too. Here are five of the best caravan spots for an Australian holiday.

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Living in paradise and final arrangements before the Big Sailing north




It is time now to leave Melip on Malekula Island. For the last two days Tom, Alejo and Mr. Shushtari scrape the bottom of Alabama, diving underneath it, and now the yacht is ready to glide smoothly to the far South Korea.

We gather the crew, which is scattered around the island and bid a farewell party with baked corn in order to say a proper good-bye to our local new friends. Continue reading