Overall impressions from Pakistan


With no hesitation we can say that Pakistan became one of our favorite countries. All the experiences we had here were great. I think this land is inhabited by one of the most hospitable and caring people in the world. They are extremely peaceful and friendly too. For the 45 days we spent here we didn’t feel bad or frustrated about anything except the police with its security measures that were sometimes too much to bear – but we understand them, they just want to make sure the tourists here are very well protected.

One other thing that impressed us is that people are very honest and even on the market nobody tries to sell you anything at a higher price. The only person who lied to us was the owner of a hotel in Baluchistan. So, people you don’t have to worry at all that you will be lied to and cheated here. Thefts are also very rare. We opened our minds and hearts and decided to trust everyone – the result? Only nice things happened to us. If somebody comes to you, know that he/she wants to help and is doing it unconditionally.

So in our personal top ten of countries with the most hospitable and caring people ever we put Pakistan at the top (together with Iran of course).

And if you are concerned about security – don’t be. The chance to meet terrorists is very low and in Islamabad, Lahore and Gilgit, Baltistan it is almost non-existing. Anyway one has to be careful where he/she goes and be conscious about one’s choice. Have in mind that the police and the military are really alert and try to prevent any possible threats.

The nature – the views we saw while traveling in Hunza Valley and doing the treks in Baltistan are “once in a lifetime”. Together with the nature’s biodiversity we saw many different people and cultures – Sunnites, Shia, Sufi, Christians, Balochi, Tajiks, Tibetans, and people with blue eyes, red hair, Asian features, Arabs, Indians and many more.

We think that now is the time to visit this place because soon it may be changed by the globalization processes, the greedy Chinese businessmen and the industrial tourism.


We warmly advise all of you to visit Pakistan, while it is not yet spoiled by mass tourism and is still full of hidden treasures.


Transportation – luxurious buses, jeeps and the like, have very regular schedules. There are many hotels everywhere you go. If you hitchhike it will be a little bit more difficult because there are many places where the police doesn’t allow you to hitchhike because of security measures.

To pitch one’s tent also is not an easy task at some places. If you are a single woman, traveling alone, things can be frustrating outside of Lahore and Islamabad because you have to wear something on your head – a veil or shawl and must wear always long sleeves. Respect local culture! 🙂

Food – very delicious and quite cheap. If you are a vegetarian your choices are a bit limited but there is always dhal (lentils) or chapatas (bread). In most of the regions the food is NOT spicy.

Cities – total madness and chaos because of the traffic according to us, but many travelers said that the cities here are much cleaner and calmer than those in India.

Summary: if you can visit Pakistan do not miss the opportunity! It is totally worth it and you won’t be sorry.

Thanks to all our friends in Pakistan who helped us immensely and turned our journey into an amazing experience!

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين‎   –  (Al-Hamdulillah Rabbil Alamin!) – All the praises be to God, the Lord of all things!

4 thoughts on “Overall impressions from Pakistan

  1. Pakistan is exactly what you have stated. It’s quite opposite to the image what mostly media portrays. Though nowadays I am away from my country but you are welcome anytime if you ever get a chance to visit Lahore again. Have safe continuation of your journey.

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