Surviving the fearsome storms of the Japanese sea


Ship diary Chichijima to Bepu, Japan (680 nautical miles)

Day 0 – 12.12.2017 (Tuesday)

Preparations for the winter sailing from Chichijima Island to Kyushu Island have started. All day we clean, fortify and tie everything really carefully. The security ropes are fixed on the rails all over the boat and life belts are set. We have also bought several winter sleeping bags from the thrift shop in the library. I finish fixing the front mast, paint it and wind the protruding bolts with tape and rags. Continue reading

Chocolate bandits in the zen world of Japan


Capital: Tokyo
Area: 377 972 square km
Population: 127 million people
Language: Japanese
Religion: Shintoism and Buddhism
Currency: Japanese yen
Political system: constitutional monarchy

25.11.17 г.

On the 11-th day of our cruising, during which we crossed 1500 nautical miles over the ink-blue waters north of the equator, we find ourselves under the clear morning sky watching at the rocky coast – the surreal silhouette of Chichijima (translated as “the island of the father”). It is a part of the island group Ogasawara aka Bonin – translated as “the uninhabited islands”.

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1500 miles of storms, rocky seas and cacao

LRM_EXPORT_20180609_093125The Japanese island Chichijima



Day 0 – 15.11.2017

It’s still dark when we ignite the generator and the port engine. Then we tie the ropes to the dock amidst the playful color nuances of the dawn. Finally we slip off the port quietly… as real pirates. Here one is allowed to navigate the narrow coral sea pathways of Ponapei only in the day but we were late to do so yesterday so this was the only way to leave without the need to go trough the slow procedure of the immigration again. Continue reading