5 of the best caravan spots for an Australian holiday


It is amazing to be exploring the world using different forms of transport – from hitchhiking to yachts – but it’s also interesting to try out different forms of accommodation too. From hotels and hostels to cabins and huts, where you lay your head at night is pretty important and can make a real difference to the feel of your trip. That being said, a caravan park is an option that’s often a crowd-pleaser, whether you’re a family or traveling solo, as you have freedom, combined with some amenities too. Here are five of the best caravan spots for an Australian holiday.

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Borneo – surviving into the jungle, meeting the long-nosed monkeys and running away from high tides


Long-nosed monkey


We have two options: to take the ferry back to Sumatra, Indonesia or to first visit the Malaysian part of Borneo. The things is that there are no ships sailing to Borneo, the yachts going in this direction are just a few, so the only option left is to find a cheap flight. On this journey we travel only by land or on water, but we decide that Borneo is worth it so we will make an exception. In addition the flight with Air Asia costs just 25 Euro per person (luggage and all included). So we will visit the oldest tropical forest in the world, a dream come true for every nature lover and explorer and we will also see the sultan of Brunei :)… or at least the sultanate.
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Into the Jungle



 In the morning we recharged our camera in one of the floating restaurants close to the river bank. After that we took a boat. On the opposite side there were many giant tree with branches hanging over the water. We paid the tickets (just 0,25$ per person), took a map from the headquarter, made a photo of a diagram with the altitude of the base camps and around 12 o’clock we were absolutely ready to be swallowed by the jungle.

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