Our budget for the two months we spent in Iran and Pakistan

We decided to publish our budget for the two-month journey in Iran and Pakistan. We do this to encourage people who think one needs a lot of money to travel to exotic destinations. All in all what you need is a dream and desire to follow it. If you want you can really go around the world for pennies.


Transportation: 194$ or around 50$ per person per month

We were in an awful hurry in Iran and in Pakistan it was almost impossible to travel hitchhiking. It is possible to not spend even 1$ for transport.

Hotels: 41$ or about 10$ per person per month

We were obliged to sleep in hotels in Pakistan for security reasons. This can also be 0$ expense.

Food: 175$ or nearly 45$ per person per month

Others: 101$ or around 25$ per person per month

This includes soap, shampoo, medicine, clothes, entrance fees, Internet etc.

Visas: 110$ or 55$ per person per visa

This is our visa for India

This is 625$ in total or 160$ per person per month – AND THIS INCLUDES ALL OUR EXPENSES

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