Our budget for the six months in Indonesia


Indonesia is a very cheap country even for Asian standards. Traveling is easy and low budget even for the ordinary tourist. Here is our budget for the six months we spent there (19.05.16 г. – 12.11.16 г.). It was an intense journey we did without staying long time anywhere.

*The calculations are for two people

Food: Total 5 575 000 Rupee/ 370 Euro/ 430 USD

Per month:  930 000 Rupee/ 60 Euro/ 70 USD

We mostly cooked by ourselves but often ate in local restaurants. Big factor on this journey is the big hospitality of the locals who invited us to eat with them on numerous occasions. We never lacked anything while being here.


Other: Total 5 741 000 Rupee/ 375 Euro/ 440 USD

Monthly: 960 000 Rupee/ 65 Euro/ 75 USD

Here are included the following things: sanitary materials, USB memory, batteries, medicine, entrance fees for various landmarks, photocopying, clothes, equipment, buying credit for the mobile and everything else that is not food or drinks


Transportation: Total 2 649 000 Rupee/ 170 Euro/ 200 USD

Monthly 440 000 Rupee/ 26 Euro/ 30 USD

Mainly we spent money for ferries and ships that we couldn’t hitchhike

Bali – Nussa Penida Island return – 7 Euro/ 8 USD

Maumere (Flores) – Makassar (Sulawesi) – 8 Euro/ 9 USD

Ampana (Sulawesi) – Togian Islands – 10 Euro/ 12 USD

Moving among different Togian Islands – 5 Euro/ 6 USD

Togian Islands – Gorontalo (Sulawesi) – 9 Euro/ 10 USD

Ternate (Moluccas Islands) – Jayapura (Papua New Guinea) – 55 Euro/  65 USD

Total: 110 Euro/ 130 USD

We managed to hitchhike five ferries (Sumatra-Java-Bali-Lomboc-Flores-Sumbawa) and a small fisherman’s boat as well all the intercity connections between the islands. In the cites we used public transportation except on Nussa Penida where we hired a motor-bike for five days. These expenses are the rest 60 Euro that are not included up (around 10 euro per month)

Accommodation: 0 Euro/0 USD

50% of the nights we spent in our tent the other 50% we slept at people who invited us to their houses after we met them on the street or hitchhiking. We also used couchsurfing.com in seven cities.

Internet: Total 471 000 Rupee/ 30 Euro/ 35 USD

Monthly 80 000 Rupee/ 5 Euro/ 6 USD

We used Internet mainly at Internet cafes and clubs with the price varying from 3 000 to 8 000 Rupee per hour (0.20 to 0.50 Euro or 0.30 to 0.60 USD)


Visas: Total 4 275 000 рупии / 275 Euro/ 320 USD

After the first two months we had to extend our visas every month paying 710 000 Rupee for both (45 Euro/52 USD). Here we also included the fee we payed for renewing our passports as our old ones didn’t have any pages left because of the visas. In this regard Indonesia is expensive if you want to stay long time.


Total money spent: 19 million Rupee / 1240 Euro/ 1450 USD

Monthly medium: around 210 Euro/ 245 USD

So roughly Indonesia cost us 100 Euro/ 117 USD per person per month

If one doesn’t have additional expenses as we did for doctor (for a heavy tropical infection) new equipment and clothes (we are already 1 year and 8 months on the road and during this time all our clothes fell to pieces) and if one manages to cross all the sea passages with cargo ships I think 50 Euro/ 60 USD per month per person is a good budget for a life without any deprivations.