Magic Kervan finished its first book titled “The Thumb Of Freedom”!

We started crowdfunding campaign and plan to publish the book this September. For now the book will be only in Bulgarian, if we manage to get additional funding we will translate it in English.

“The Thumb Of Freedom” is funded by us and your precious support. We need 1500 euro to be able to publish it. If you want you can support us using the following payment options:

by donating to our bank account


IBAN: BG96FINV91501015191765 for Margarita Shushtarkova



Via PayPal following the link donate below:

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The book is about following the Spirit Of Adventures and embarking on a raw and enlightening journey from Europe to India only on land, travelling on long forgotten roads. This is a book that will make you become dry-thirsty in the Iranian desserts; make your flesh creep in the separatist regions in Pakistan while being escorted by military police; be dumbfounded by the beauty of Karakorum while hitchhiking on the most dangerous mountain road in the world; get lost among tantric Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas and to discover the deep mysticism of India.