Balochistan Travel Information

After you pass the border an armed escort called Levies takes the travelers and escorts them with jeeps to the capital of the province Quetta. The trip is 600 km and 2 days are needed to be crossed. The escort stops at checkpoints pretty often and there are around 30 checkpoints. The night is spent in Dalbandin – it is situated in the middle between Taftan and Quetta. There is one hotel there and you can rent a room for 10$ per night. If you want you can negotiate with the policemen and sleep at their station. In the morning the escort leaves early so it can arrive at Quetta around 7 o’clock in the evening.

The escort is totally free of charge. The road is sometimes good, sometimes not so good. The road passes through the desert so it is good you bring food and water, though there is water at every checkpoint.

Once you arrive at Quetta there are two hotels that accept foreigners. You can’t go outside the guarded hotel (though we managed to slip but it was hard). All the time there are policemen guarding you wherever you go.

You can leave Quetta by bus, train or air plane – hitch hiking is impossible since it is strictly forbidden in the area. The train Quetta-Lahore travels around 1200 km, costs around 12 $ and it takes 10-12 hours. There are 2 or 3 trains and all leave in the morning before 10 o’clock. The buses cost 25-40$, are faster than the train and leave throughout the whole day – though this is unchecked by us information.

To exit Balochistan you will need special permit N.O.C. – No Objection Certificate that secures the safety of the passengers. In addition all official authorities are informed about the traveler and hi/her itinerary.

Home Department in Quetta issues the permit (N.O.C.) and it is free of charge. It takes about 3 hours to obtain it and you can’t leave Quetta without it! This information is valid for April 2015.

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