Phuket beyond the crowd

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Thailand is a country frequented by travellers from all parts of the globe. To give you an idea, the nation welcomed more than 32 million tourists last year, and this figure is 9 percent higher than the year before.

If you’ve travelled to Thailand in the past, you’re probably well aware of how great a place it is to visit. For a start, the country has an amazing culture, and it’s often dubbed the ‘Land of Smiles’ because the people are warm, hospitable and always smiling. Like in a previous Magic Kervan posts, we’ve also shared our experiences with very accommodating hosts.

One of its most popular destinations is Phuket, but all the hype seems to have had a negative impact on the place as well. One area in the island – Patong Beach is inherently a natural beauty, but like we’ve mentioned in the same aforementioned article, overdevelopment and mass tourism in this part of Phuket now gives the “wrong impressions of what Thailand really is.”

But all is not lost in Phuket. If you know where to look, you’re going to realise that there’s something a little special about this particular paradise island.

If you want to take panoramic shots of Phuket town from above, take a short hike to Kao Rang Hill. As it’s also away from the busy crowd and beach parties, this place is perfect for some memorable moments, while basking in the peace and quiet the location presents to tourists.

As you return to the sea after your elevated trek, you can sail along postcard-worthy seascapes in Pha Nga Bay. Its waters reach the coasts of multiple towns including Phuket and Krabi. But regardless in which town you are, you can have access to the breathtaking sailing spots of Pha Nga Bay. You can go on group sailing tours, or for a more intimate experience, you can book private charters.

At the southernmost tip of the island lies Promthep Cape wherein land meets sea in a scenic, almost dreamy fashion. Jamie’s Phuket Blog called it the “end of Phuket” and the views are truly exhilarating, especially when you watch the sunset. You have to walk quite a distance to get to Promthep Cape, but it means that it never gets too crowded with visitors.

Back in town, you should also explore Phuket’s art galleries such as Wua Art Gallery and Studio which were specified by Wanderlust as the homes for Phuket’s most interesting modern art. There are also cafés that hold art exhibitions so if you chance upon one, your coffee or tea break will be much livelier and vibrant.

Beauty that transcends the real world

Phuket is lined with idyllic beaches, and one of its spots was actually the shooting location for a big budget Hollywood movie. Its alluring beauty inspired authors of novels like The Beach which was reworked, as the DiCaprio island adventure film of the same name that became a ‘lost classic’ according to Rolling Stones. The nation’s rich culture also made way for gaming provider BGT Games which hosts ported slots and other themed casual games to create Thai Flower that primarily owes its design to the iconic Thai flower or ‘Frangipani’ – the beautiful and fragrant blossom which we’ve had the opportunity to capture in a photo ourselves.

Virtual translations and other similar creations serve as testaments to the far reaching beauty of Phuket and all of Thailand. Nevertheless, these digital conceptualisations give only a taste of the actual appeal of the place.

To sum it up, all tourist destinations hold hidden wonders and Phuket is no exception. One trip certainly isn’t enough, as the town has so much in store for visitors and the attractions listed here barely scratch the surface of Phuket’s many layers of beauty. All you have to do is to bring out your expeditionary spirit to discover great experiences seldom published in guidebooks



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